Aurora Fire Starter: Can This Really Last A Lifetime?

fireplace starters come in all varieties of sizes, shapes and flavors. The mission with each of them lies with 2 features. Is the tool water-proof and is it long lasting sufficient to offer regular sparks. best fire starter

The Aurora 440C from Solo medical fills each necessities. It is available in 2 partswhich are the cylinder and the rod. They screw together and comprise an o-ring to make a water-proof seal. This prevents salt water corrosion on the rod. alsoyou may wear the Aurora to your key ring or on a lanyard around your neck. 

The Aurora has knurling to present you an awesome grip. And with the magnesium rod and hanging blade, the Aurora fireplace Starter 440C is a lightweight 1.6 oz and below four” in length.

putting Blade

in contrast to different fireplace steels, this one has the hanging blade built into it. So it is no longer hanging on a string like other units. This wont damage off or get caught in different systemas soon as quality factor about the 440C puttingblade is that it doesn’t take off a lot fabric from the metallic rod. this indicates you don’t have to replace the rod that regularly. And due to the fact its constructed from difficult fantastic alloy, you can use the lower back facet of the blade to sharpen your knives.

subject trying out And overall performance

The lightweight Aurora 2SA is permitted for the military Diver assignment. It also serves properly for adventurers, survivalists and pilots. Operation is straightforwardsimply strike the rod with the critical blade and streams of 5000 degree sparks come flying out.

however there are a few.. allow‘s simply say… operator issues with the Aurora. a few human beings don’t like the shortmanage. Others should observe an excessive amount of force in comparison to other ferro rod type starters. So in case you aren’t used to placing and throwing sparks then this might seem awkward to you.

two fashions To pick From

two models are actually availableboth are geared up with a ferro flint metal rod with magnesium. This aggregate yields sparks as hot as 5000 degrees F.

the primary version is the 2SA which has an entire life placing blade constituted of tungsten, carbide and cobalt to be able to by no means stupid.

the other model is the 440C with the hardened metal striking blade. this lets you sharpen and reverse the blade if it receives stupidadditionallyyou can get replacement blades for this unit.


All in all, i’d say the Aurora hearth starter is a unit worth getting. For the people who have had troubles with it, the issuesare extra of choice than troubles with the Aurora. There are just too many people that agree with this issue with their lives.

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