Critical Steps to Online Success – How to use Copy and Paste to Compile Your Articles Into an eBook

Really easy enough to say: “Now copy and insert your articles
together, modify them into an e book and convert them to PDF”.

But I’ll cover the basics here for individuals
who are learning on your path around the computer as we go
along. share text online

So what does “Copy and Paste” mean? inches

Your computers operating system sets aside an area of
memory it call the “clipboard” for the short term parking
of text and files. 

You can copy to the clipboard in many ways:

Primary you need to “select” the text or records you want to
copy-we’ll ignore files for as soon as and only deal with
text. In the event you want to choose all of the textual content in your
document you may click anywhere inside the document then
hold throughout the “control key” (on a PC) and then press the A
key (this is called “Control A”) and all sorts of the text would
be selected and highlighted… or you could go to the “Edit”
menu and click on “Select All” and get the same result.

You are able to select parts of text by just possessing down the
left mouse button key and dragging the pointer across the textual content.
Give it a shot, you’ll see how easy it is.

A word of WARNING: Help to make sure you “save” your file
before you do any of this or else you might accidentally erase
your projects.

You can now “copy to clipboard” by troubling “Control C”
or by selecting “copy” from the Edit menu. Your chosen
text is now preserved on the clipboard and can stay there
until you overwrite it with another copy procedure or you
switch off your PC.

You now open up your new document, position you cursor where
you want your copied text to start out and press “Control V” or
“Paste” from the Edit menu. Your ripped text will now be
written (or Pasted) into the new document.

You follow this procedure with your remaining articles and
you have now cobbled collectively your eBook.

I are not going to get into the process of cleaning your
text and making the book stream, I am assuming you are
skillful enough at writing to do this on your own.

Today that your book is written you will need to create a
template for the written text to give it that professional look and
convert it to PDF FILE.

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