How To Wear Driving Shoes In 6 Modern Ways

The driving shoe is an especially useful addition to your summer wardrobe. It is an elegant combination of the penny loafer’s dressiness and the classical moccasin’s comfort. More cultured than the boat shoe and not as valuable as the Belgian loafer, it sits ideally within the sometimes dreaded smart-casual clothing category and is the only shoe you really need on a relaxed holiday to warmer climes.

Yes, it was meant as a tool to aid motoring, but the driving shoe’s classic design assures it’s so much more than that, and as an end, it can be worn in a variety of contexts. Whether you’re jetting off to a beach weekend or you’re after a dapper yet relaxed slip-on for the weekend, a set of driving shoes may be what’s been missing from your footwear armory.

6 Key Looks:

The Road Trip

This is what they were really designed for in the first place, but like the biker jacket and morning coat, the original use is seldom forgotten today. Still, for the classic motoring enthusiast who wishes to be warm and elegant, a well-made driving loafer is a useful piece of kit. Wear with jeans, a tee, and a simply cool jacket. Add some aviator shades and a vintage watch and you are all set for the Mille Miglia. Or a trip to the local supermarket.

Preppy Perfection

With their elegant European branding and implications of sophistication and privilege, it is no surprise that the driving loafer has easily established itself within the contemporary preppy wardrobe – the replacement to the original Ivy League look if you will.

The Business Trip

Driving shoes are the perfect shoe for business travel, particularly by air – they are both lights in weight and comfortable.

Poolside Chic

Drivers are the perfect vacation shoe and can navigate you in airports and smart dinners. But they are also sporty adequately to wear around the pool or beach bar when teamed with your tailored swim shorts, knitted polo shirt, also aqua-appropriate diving watch.

The Beach Wedding

You are requested to a summer wedding in a tropical location but finally, learn that the event is happening on an actual beach.

Eurotrash Casual

For summer spectator situations, your pristine driving shoes are excellent for top-drawer entertainment at the likes of Wimbledon. Resemble the Italians on how to get this look right and withdraw the naff British uniform of too-tight beige chinos and blue shirt.

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