Milk and Exercise

In terms of athletics and sports nourishment there are several myths as it pertains to milk and its associated with physical performance. To set the record straight and effectively educate individuals about the consequences of milk on the body, Nancy Clark, a sports activities nutritionist and athletic advisor addressed the void of milk and physical performance in her book entitle Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Handbook. more info

Nancy first addresses the fable that drinking too much milk will lead to calcium deposits. According to Nancy, this is not true. She says that if you consume more calcium than your body needs, it will just be eliminated through waste materials. Nancy also explains that dairy food are not hard for your body to digest and can actually soothe your intestinal system and will not cause any cramping or bloating. Nancy says that milk has also not been proven to cause organic cotton mouth. This feeling that some athletes experience is actually because they are not drinking enough normal water before being active or it can be brought on by nervousness. A dairy myth that is not true, according to Nancy, is that increasing dairy intake will speed up the healing process. The best thing to help your body heal is to enjoy a healthy, healthy diet.

When consuming dairy products, it is best to check out the recommended daily allowances. Teenage boys and women should consume about four servings of milk every day. Adults twenty and older should consume around three servings of whole milk daily. To get your servings of milk you can also eat natural yoghurts, cheese, tofu, almonds, dark green vegetables, and other dairy and calcium resources. This will ensure that your body will have the calcium and vitamin supplements it needs to continue to be healthy and strong and you should enjoy peak health and wellness when you are active.

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