Stack Up Style With Bangle Bracelets

if you assume a bracelet is simply a chunk of first-rate metal looped around the wrist, suppose again. A bracelet may besomething as difficult as a diamond tennis bracelet to something as amusing as a heavy appeal bracelet. you can movesmooth with a cuff bracelet, or slim it down with a spinel bracelet. but in case you are into stacking your appearance, you can’t cross wrong with stackable bangle bracelets. cheap pandora bracelets

traditional bangle

if you want to know what people imply with the aid of a “bangle” bracelet, then slip on the eight-inch Silicoro Grande Omega Slip-On Bangle Bracelet in either white or yellow gold. This beauty is a bold 3/eight of an inch huge, and made with patented silicone technologythat means it carries 0.8 grams of gold that is blended with silicone for a complete weight of 6.4 grams. Made in Italy, it’s miles part of the Italian earrings Designs with Stefano Silicoro. in case you love the appearanceupload a matching necklace.


For an fashionablehowever easy bangle bracelet, start out with an eight-inch sterling silver bangle bracelet with a unmarried 10-eleven mm black cultured Tahitian pearl within the middleit is a dainty 3/8 of an inch wideit’ll bebeautiful alone, or best if you opt to stack it with different bangles. It comes with a jewelry pouch to assist save it correctly.

immediate series

For an immediate stack appearancepurchase 3 bangles immediatelyeach bracelet from the Toscana Italiana jewelrycollection is created in 18K yellow gold embraced bronze, each set otherwiseone of the bangles is set with gemsorganized in a row, like birds of a twine. On the second bangle, the jewels are set at special durations. The 1/3 bangle is plain, which units off the gem stones within the different two bracelets. What a appropriate trio. The stones used encompass smoky quartz, amethyst, garnet, orange citrines, peridots and blue topaz – all in bezel settings. each bangle measures 8¾ inches with the aid of 1/2 inch wide.

Eye catching

if you need a larger bangle bracelet, test out the sterling silver 7-inch hinged bangle. Its smoothcutting-edge lines will look desirable against a darkish match or sleeve. Made in polished sterling silver, the bangle has a textured finish that shines inside the light. It measures 7 inches via nine/sixteen of an inch hugeit is able to manage to pay for to be a chunksmaller around due to the fact the hinged bracelet opens so you can positioned it on. The slide insert clasp closes securely across the wrist. This piece is made the use of Electroform, a method that creates hole portions of jewelry.

huge and bold

need a bangle bracelet that certainly stands outdon’t forget the eight-inch carved dyed black onyx bangle bracelet and matching ring. The carved bangle is almost ¾ of an inch hugemade out of everlasting dyed onyx. it’s miles blanketed in ornate petal carvings. the hoop3/eight of an inch lengthy and 7/eight of an inch huge, is carved in a matching layout. The bangle weighs 353.00 ct and the hoop onyx weighs 20.90ct – both approximate weights.


upload a a laugh sprint of colors with one or extra of the set of 4 Cloisonné filigree hinged floral bangles. Created in an distinctive a long way East fashionthese 4 bangles add a dynamic touch of colour and layouteach set includes one bracelet in inexperienced, blue, white and red tooth – adorned with individual floral informationevery bracelet measures a snug 7¼ inches lengthyonce moreevery bracelet is hinged, allowing for a extra cushty fit.

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