Thought-Provoking, Environmental Films from Earth Cinema Circle

When Hollywood has started to show affinity for films covering up environmental issues such as An Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour, many small budget, independent oriental films are having a more difficult time reaching their potential audiences. Until now, unless you were blessed enough to catch these films at a festivity screening you are participating in very few remaining options. It has all altered thanks to Earth Movie theater Circle. vr simulator

Earth Cinema Ring

Earth Cinema Circle is an inexpensive bi-monthly DVD MOVIE club created in the year of 2007 by Gay Hendricks and Rick Ridgeway. Every almost 8 weeks, Earth Cinema Ring sends their members a tiny assortment of environmentally focused brief and feature-length films. Film collections size varies from four to five videos per DVD. While all environmentally focused the specific films cover a wide-ranging range of material including conservation, wildlife and even eco-travel. 

Seeing Climatic change

“Film as a medium has the power to connect environmentally friendly crises we all face emotionally – not simply intellectually. Today, for example, I just read timelapse photographs – which become in essence film clips – of snow shrinking in the form of a renaissance celebration. For the first time ever, you could see global warming. That’s the power of film. very well states Rick Ridgeway, co-founder of Earth Cinema Group of friends.

According to Ed Begley, Jr, spokesperson and number of Earth Cinema Group of friends, “Films have influenced the popular culture for many years, often for the good and certainly sometimes to detriment. ” Globe Cinema Circle is a collection of films which may have to potential to affect popular culture in a positive and environment friendly way.

The latest collection of films, Volume 2, features:

A Life Between Whales – “Renowned whale biologist Doctor Roger Payne shares around his keen quest to understand and preserve the world’s whale population in could be documentary. ”
How To Save The World – “One Man, One Cow, One Planet. Can one man and one cow save the earth? Is definitely it feasible that rather than developing higher tech alternatives to our farming problems, that we might see better results through an arcane method called biodynamic farming? inch
Papiroflexia – “Watch while Fred recreate the world around him. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could design a healthy planet as easily as Fred can fold one? ”
The True Expense of Meals – “In this hilarious animated short, The Macizo Club wakes us up with the reality of what our food is very costing us. ”
A single Percent for the Entire world
Earth Cinema Circle is supposed to be further than boosting general public awareness of important environmental issues, they also take part in One Percent for the Planet. In a single Percent for the Planet, participants pledge to donate 1% of all sales to environmental initiatives.

Understanding any issue is key to dealing with it and Earth Movie theater Circle offers a stimulating way to visualize many important environmental concerns through film. The film like people presented by Ground Cinema Circle may offer new awareness and event encourage people into action.

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