VIZIO VSB200 Sound Bar

The VSB200 is a phenomenal extra to your present sound framework or TV, and certainly will give you the HD sound you’ve come to check upon. Soundbar reviews

This Vizio Sound Bar joins the most state-of-the-art sound innovation, which incorporates SRS TruSurroundHD for surprising sound outcomes. 

The bar highlights 4 three-inch first class mid bass transducers and a couple of capable three quarter inch aluminum arch neodymium tweeters.

A characteristic that you’re going to truly appreciate is the SRS TruVolume. This will dispose of the exorbitant volume originating from television promotions and in addition the enormous contrasts in volume originating from station to television station.


An extensive number of clients recognize that the sound bar is brilliant especially when utilized in mix with a TV set. These individuals find the manner in which the sound is cleaner, alongside how it can influence it to appear as though you happen to be for instance, basically at a b-ball game, not simply watching it on TV.

Commentators call attention to that despite the fact that this unit won’t supply genuine encompass sound, here and there it will pass on an encompass sound impression. Clients what’s more perceive the estimation of the different arrangements, which allow you to redo the sound just to your loving.

For the most part, comments by buyers demonstrate that the sound is really unbelievable at the cost tag. Also, it has an attachment for a subwoofer, which empowers you to support the sound considerably more.

The straightforwardness of setup is also discussed decidedly by purchasers.


In light of the perspectives of some end clients, the sound bar is simply not by any means versatile in this manner should you drop it, no doubt it will be harmed past settling.

You can discover a few records concerning sub-par usefulness of the sound-bar, similar to sound just originating from the edges (demonstrating that not all amplifiers happen to work).

Numerous people have found that setting it up on a divider is extreme, particularly given that the headings concerning divider establishment are deficient.

The proficiency of the remote control is a noteworthy issue. Shoppers report that the remote control itself is lightweight, and the task is normally powerless as a result of situation of the Infrared detecting unit inside the sound-bar. The genuine Infrared beneficiary is situated behind a finished flame broil on the front. To take care of this issue a few clients have needed to take out the front barbecue cover from the sound-bar, at that point dispose of the extended polystyrene that is concealing the detecting unit. Numerous people express that this outcomes in a major enhancement. Besides, should you join it on a divider, guarantee that you put it sufficiently high over your TV, or the consequences will be severe, the flag from the remote may be impeded.

The presentation and signs (or the deficiency thereof) is an extra explanation behind irritation. People express that it is effectively misjudged, hard to see, and just stays lit up for under a second. A couple of customers clarify that it won’t let you know whether you have in reality turned the framework off, since the lights won’t give you any response when transmitting an “off” request through the remote.

The VIZIO VSB200 Universal HD Sound Bar is extremely compensating in a little space where you need to enhance your sound (from TVs specifically). It makes quality unadulterated sound, and is accounted for by numerous buyers as being incredible incentive for cash.

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